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Hailing from Tifton, GA, FREEZ has been entangled in music since he can remember. Growing up, his parents owned a night club which began his early exposure to music. 

While on a trip to visit family in Newark, NJ, he was introduced by older cousins to break dancing, mixing & scratching. With a renewed state of mind, his return to Georgia was a new beginning with music being a huge focus which eventually lead to FREEZ becoming a DJ and producing for his rap group KOB (Kings Of Beats).

After high school graduation FREEZ joined the military and lived overseas.  His hard work in military school led him to Napoli, Italy. Once arriving in during the holidays, FREEZ had to stay in a hotel for a week before reporting. After 2 days, a promoter discovered that a new DJ from the US was in town and a New Year’s Eve booking came through.  After the 1st year in Napoli he established an entertainment company for DJ’s and live bands all while honing his production skills by learning computer-based recording.

In 1994 FREEZ met DJ Scoob of Baltimore, MD and began DJing hip hop and R&B for military and local clubs and producing house music.  They later parted, which happens with military life. A few years later Vjuan Allure & FREEZ joined forces to create the Groovmakerz DJ & production team for Hip Hop & Tribal House and again military life separated the duo. FREEZ decided to pursue a career as a solo House DJ & Producer.

During a visit back to Newark, NJ he was introduced to Cassio Ware and who was instrumental in connecting FREEZ with Barbara Tucker for a recording session @ Strictly Rhythm Studios in NYC. Due to timing the track never was released but to FREEZ it was a sign that this was his calling. Since returning to the US he has a forged an incredible music bond and friendship with Robin S.  Producing the album “Beauty from Ashez” for spoken soul artist FHENA is also a notable accomplishment for FREEZ.

Fast Forward 20+ years later Scoob & Freez reunited via Facebook and eventually physically reconnected for one of last parties of the legendary Pardox Club hosted by Deep Sugar for Ultra Nate’s birthday bash. During the night, Scoob introduced FREEZ to house music pioneer, Thommy Davis and the idea of producing tracks for Quantize/Unquantize became a reality. A few months later their debut single called “Jungle Deep” was released.

Continuing to be a part of the Quantize family, Scoob & Freez launched their own label

SCOOB & FREEZ RECORDS in August 2018.


Jungle Deep              2017

Afrikan Gunjee         2017

Fat Daddy                  2017

We The People         2017

Magic Power             2018

Oscillate                    2018

Utopia – Naeem Johnson 2018 (Production credit)

I Know Better- Dana Weaver 2018 (Production credit)

Look In The Mirror – Tasha LaRae 2018 (Production credit)

Reality – Darian Crouse 2018 (Production credit)

The Sound Of The Rhythm – FHENA (Production credit & Feature)